Medical Abortion Clinics

Medical abortion is a method to end or terminate the pregnancy. IN earlier days, medical abortion was done at home now a days, there are many medical abortion clinics where women can end unwanted pregnancy. Ru486ishere provides free abortion services at Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Medical Abortion is different from surgical abortion. If you are considering medical abortion, then first make sure that you understand all risks involved, side effects and complications.

Medical abortion is done without any surgery or anesthesia.                    ru

Here we will discuss the important facts that one should know about medical abortion

Risks involved :

  • Incomplete abortion
  • Excess bleeding
  • Damage to the uterus
  • Any kind of infection

Medical abortion is not an option in following cases:

  •  If you are very far along in your pregnancy that is if you have been pregnant for more than nine weeks from your last periods. In certain cases, this time may vary to seventh week.
  • If you have high risk of uterine rupture.
  • Have medical conditions, like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney or lung disease, severe liver pain.
  • Have medication allergy.

Women who want to Terminate Pregnancy but cannot have medical abortion can consider surgical abortion.

Medical abortion can be done by using the following medications:

Oral mifeprostone: It is the easiest method of medical abortion, because of oral instead of vaginal dosing. It must be taken within the seven weeks after your last periods. It helps to block the hormone progesterone.

Vaginal Misoprostol: This method of abortion invoves the dissolving of misoprostol tablet placed in vagina. This method lessens the side effects and may increase the risk of infection. It must be taken within the nine weeks after your last periods.

Methotrexate injection: Medical abortion is not a food and drug administration approved by methotrexate use. The abortion of this type is done within seven weeks after the last periods.

These medications can cause vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramping. There can be many other causes like:





And so on

You may be asked to take medications or antibiotics to manage pain during and after abortion.

If vaginal bleeding does not start within 2 days after abortion, then you may still be pregnant or have incomplete abortion. You may need Surgical Abortion in this case.