Safe Medical Abortion Services Beverly Hills


This web site refers you to commissioned doctor World Health Organization will give you with a medical abortion. When you complete the subsequent on-line consultation and if there aren’t any contraindications, the medical abortion (with the pills aborticide and misoprostol) is delivered to you. At this moment it will take 2-3 weeks before the packages arrives. A medical abortion is done safely reception as long as you’ve got smart data and have access to emergency medical aid within the rare case those there are complications.

The doctor will solely assist you if:

  • You sleep in a rustic wherever access to safe abortion is restricted
  • You are but nine weeks pregnant
  • You don’t have any severe diseases

Before beginning the consultation, do a bioassay associate degreed an ultrasound, if doable. The consultation consists of around twenty five queries. At the top of the consultation you’ll be asked to grant permission to disclose all of your data to the doctor. All data can stay confidential.

At the top of the consultation you’ll be asked to form a lowest donation of ninety monetary units. A girl on internet is a non-profit project seeking to support girls. The donation is an element of a series of solidarity needed to stay the web site online and to confirm that other women may be supported. If you’ll be able to give over ninety monetary units, you can facilitate North American nation to give the service to girls World Health Organization cannot give the full ninety monetary units. If your economic state of affairs is troublesome especially, please contact us: along we’ll try and realize some way to assist you.

For a lot of data regarding medical abortion contact us on 424-239-1650