Ru-486 Is Abortion Pill


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Facts You MUST Know About Non-Surgical Abortion

Are You Pregnant Or Not

Women have been watching the calendar and mentally marking the days. She should have had a period by now. She is scared and cry. She cannot sleep. And she hopes it is not true. But an early pregnancy test confirms your worst fears, and she believes that abortion is the best choice for her.

1. When a women in the earliest stage of pregnancy, whose last menstrual period began 7 week ago or less, is eligible for a medical abortion and than women should contact to doctor.

2. RU-486 is a abortion pill for ending pregnancy and RU-486 blocks the hormone progesterone so that the pregnancy cannot continue or the lining of the uterus softens and breaks down, and bleeding begins. RU-486 causes the uterus to contract and push the embryo out of the uterus.
3. Near about 95 percent of women who use RU-486 will have a complete abortion. For the remaining 4 to 5 % who are either still pregnant, have an incomplete abortion.

4. There is some step regimen for a medical abortion. The first two are taking the pills; and two weeks later, is an examination to confirm that the abortion is complete or not. If it is not, more time may be needed or a surgical abortion should be scheduled for her.

5. We know that some women prefer surgical abortions. While safe, a medical abortion is not a easy for women because of that there is bleeding, often heavier than a menstrual period, and other side effects that can be more difficult than a surgical procedure.

6. Millions of women said that medical abortion has been safely around the world. It have now licensed for use approximately 37 countries. However, the radical anti-choice lobby prevented the U.S. F DA from allowing it to be used in this country.

7. A medical abortion is not emergency contraception, which is often referred to as the morning-after pill and Plan B. Emergency contraception ending pregnancy and it can work for up to five six days after unprotected sex.

8. Most of abortion experts have started providing women the choice of a medical abortion, and some provider and clinics that never provided surgical abortions now proffers medical abortion services. This is good news for women.