How effective is the Ru486 Abortion Pill for Women?

Women can feel confident in knowing that abortion with ru486 medicinal abortion pill is very effective and safe. It works about 97 out of every 100 times. Women can be sure that it worked but must discuss with their respective doctors before and after the abortion. In the unlikely case of it’s not working, you will need to have an aspiration abortion to end the pregnancy.

How safe is the Abortion Pill?


Everyone knows that all medical procedures have some risk involved and safety is a valid concern. However, women can have a medicinal abortion safely most of the times. Some possible risks with Ru486 Abortion Pill are listed below:

  1. An allergic reaction
  2. Incomplete abortion sometimes
  3. Failure to end pregnancy in very few cases
  4. Heavy bleeding in few cases

If you get any of the above or some other complication, you must contact your health care provider right away. In some cases, these complications might become very serious and fatal and need proper medical advice and treatment.


The abortion pill may not be advised in all cases. You must not use the abortion pill in following cases:

  • If you are more than 63 days pregnant
  • If you are not willing to have an aspiration abortion in the unlikely case that the medicines do not end your pregnancy
  • If you have severe adrenal gland, heart, kidney, or liver problem
  • If you are taking anti-clotting medication or have a blood-clotting disorder