What the FDA Website Says about RU486

Planned Parenthood, America’s biggest and most lucrative abortion chain, is still telling women that RU486 chemical abortions are “highly safe, highly effective” (NPR, 1/24/11).  The National Abortion Federation declares that chemical abortions “have an excellent safety profile” (NAF, Factsheet, “Safety of Abortion,” 12/06).  Danco, the U.S. distributor of the abortion pill, calls it a “safe, effective option.”


Read far enough on any of their materials and you’ll find that, yes, it doesn’t work for everyone and that a certain percentage experience complications. But overall, you’ll get the clear message that the chemical abortifacients have “been used safely by millions of women worldwide” (NAF, Factsheet, “What is Medical Abortion?” 9/06).

However, that’s a far different picture than one gets with a visit to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) website. (To get the terminology straight, “RU486” actually refers to a two-drug abortion technique: mifepristone, which is the generic name [sold under the trade name Mifeprex], and the accompanying prostaglandin, misoprostol, which expels the dead baby.

What the FDA Website Says about RU486