THOUGHTS ON | Abortion


I come from a country in which illegal, unsanitary and unsafe abortions are thankfully, for the most part, a thing of the past, where women aren’t arrested for making a choice about their own body and children aren’t born in to less than favourable circumstances needlessly. Yet, this was a reality of life when my grandmother was my age. Abortion was still a punishable offence when my dad was a child. In my immediate family, I am still only the first generation to have been born into a country where abortion is both legal and safe. Let that sink in.

In Ireland, our closest neighbours, abortion is so vehemently and violently policed that women have been left to die by health authorities rather than allowed the abortion that would have saved their lives.

In the US, our closest allies, over-privileged and overly entitled white men are now stripping sexual health…

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